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A traveler’s pursuit for exploring new destinations and learning about other cultures continues to gain momentum. Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle (CC+L) is a creatively designed publication that caters to those curious in nature and those with a passion for travel. With the world moving at a fast pace, and with publications traditionally static, CC+L blends print and digital with multimedia platforms.CC+L will give the true sense of a destination with an outstanding collection of people, places, and cultures. You’ll often hear Belize referred to as “The Jewel”, “A Cultural Melting Pot”, or “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”. While the references are cliché, they are nothing short of true. Belize is ethnically, culturally, and ecologically diverse. Our population is small but our natural bounty is great.McNab Publishing Ltd. has been publicizing Belize and its tourism offerings since 2008. As the quest for sharing the best of Belize continues, the goal is to provide inspiration to travelers and to help fulfill the desires of those deciding where to book their next vacation. CC+L begins with issues that focuses close to home with travel topics, both local and regional, and is appropriately subtitled: The Belize Edition.Explore with CC+L!


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