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Have a passion for the import export business but need pointers as to how to export from India, allow us to help you. The import-export business has enormous scope thanks to the fact that Indian goods are a fascination the world over. An IEC has to be procured post which one we be able to go ahead and export goods.
An individual or a company who has been authorized by the international custom authorities to smoother hurdles faced during the clearance of a consignment at customs can be defined as customs clearance agents in Bangalore. These agents handle the import export regulations including the entire paperwork ensuring consignments receive clearance.
Once an individual or a company has received an import export licence, the next step taken is for the merchandise needs to be shipped which is of prime importance. The Indian shipping helps entrepreneurs do just that as their services ensure that a consignment is delivered to the said place in excellent condition irrespective of the size which is the best solution for importers and exporters.
An IEC online application is better known as an import export code online application. This is the first document that one has to procure in the process of embarking upon an import export business. The great news is that this application can be accessed online within the cost confines of one’s office space or residence thereby proving to be a fantastic time saver.
The meis scheme india was introduced and launched under FTI. The objective of the MEIS was to offset infrastructural incompetency and costs associated with products and goods manufactured in India. This increases the need for labour therefore providing the unemployed with jobs. This is of great help to the unemployed and the country in turn.